Independent express appraisal and expertise of vehicles after road accidents

Hello, my name is Bogdan Zambrovskij.
Our independent vehicle appraisal office provides expert appraisal services for automobiles and watercraft in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Croatia.
Bogdan Zambrovskij,
Mechanical Engineering Technologist (MBA)
Independent express assessment and expertise of vehicles after road accidents

Hello, my name is Bogdan.
Our bureau of independent vehicle valuation provides services in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Croatia.
Have you had an accident in Germany?
We will help you as soon as possible!
Our survey analysis and official expert report with the relevant set of calculation documents is recognized by all insurance companies in Europe.

Free consultation in a language you understand.
Independent super beneficial assessment and vehicle evaluation within 24 hours.
Express payment of damages and support of the whole process of damage payment and vehicle restoration.
  • A right to choose an expert appraiser

    Have you suffered damage in a traffic accident for which you were not at fault? Take advantage of your right to choose the damage appraiser of your choice. The insurance company of the at-fault party will bear the costs of your car valuation and the expert opinion.
  • Free on-site surveyor service

    Is your vehicle no longer roadworthy or do you have too little time to get to us? Our expert will inspect the damage directly at your home or at an address of your choice. This is completely free of charge.
  • Our services -
    An advantage for you!

    Fast and professional: in case of an insured accident, you can contact us 24 hours a day via WhatsApp. Take advantage of our free working hours, even on weekends and public holidays.
  • Vehicle valuation within 24 hours

    Our expert bureau will make this possible: within 24 hours, you will have the independent appraisal in your hands. Our appraiser will inspect your vehicle and immediately proceed with the following steps.

We offer free counseling in the following areas:

Vehicle accident expert in Munich:
independent - well known - competent
Get in touch with us
Give us a call. We will advise you free of charge and independently. We will clarify your claim and assist you in word and deed. As a rule, you will receive an appointment to inspect the accident vehicle on the same day.
We will perform an appraisal of your vehicle
You decide: Our automotive appraiser will examine your vehicle on your premises, in the workshop of your choice or in our workshop. Competent and above all independent. We record all accident damage and will be happy to advise you on everything to do with the settlement of claims.
Motor vehicle appraisal
After checking the vehicle, we prepare an expert opinion within 24 hours. Here we calculate the amount of damage from the accident, summarize the evidence and determine all the necessary figures for the settlement. We will send you the documents by mail or e-mail.
We guide you through the entire loss settlement process
Of course, we remain at your side until the end of the claims settlement. We are always available for consultation and questions of any kind. The opposing insurance company makes reductions? We help you to assert your claims for compensation and write a case-related statement.

Process description for compensation of damages after a road traffic accident

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
You send us a copy of the vehicle registration certificate and 2-3 photos of the damage.
We will be sure to contact you and make an appointment for an inspection (at your place or our office).
After the inspection, we prepare an motor vehicle appraisal within a few hours and discuss it with you.
Insurance company
The appraisal report will be sent to the insurance company (or your lawyer).
After a few weeks, the amount of damages will be transferred to your bank account.
Monitoring verification
If the amount paid is not fully reimbursed by the insurance company, we will verify the documents received and, if necessary, claim a reduced amount in your favor.
Buying a car in Germany
Car Purchase Coaching

Every third used car in Germany is sold with altered mileage data. The damage caused by such manipulation amounts to six billion euros a year.

We offer our services in professional assistance with the purchase of vehicles:

  • Assistance in choosing a car (parameters, characteristics, budget)
  • Vehicle selection based on initial data
  • Comprehensive on-site diagnostics of a used car before purchase (from €185,-/hour):
  • -inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • -checking for manipulation of the mileage meter;
  • -reading of errors in the engine control system of the vehicle;
  • -checking the documentation and history of the vehicle;
  • -bargaining on the basis of inspection and the act of identified shortcomings.
  • Assistance in the registration of the vehicle (insurance policy selection and processing of documents).
Valuation of the vehicle
If you are going to take the vehicle off your organization's balance sheet, you will need an expert appraisal of the vehicle's value to present to the tax office.
We will appraise the value of your car before sale or a whole fleet of cars on super favorable conditions for you in the shortest possible time. After determining the price of the car and the expert opinion, you will have no problems with the tax inspection, courts or insurance companies.
The customer is at the center of our attention.
In the case of damage, we are your reliable partner.
Do not waste time after a traffic accident, instead contact us immediately to prepare a qualified damage assessment. We are one of the leading car valuation specialists in Munich and offer you a comprehensive service. We will explain and answer all your questions: from signing the assignment agreement to repairing and claiming depreciation.
Make an appointment and get a consultation with no commitment to any conditions!
10 reasons to use the services of our professional assessment center
Independent and impartial representation of your interests

Our vehicle accident damage appraisal service exclusively represents your interests - free of charge and independent of the insurance companies involved.
Shortest possible appointment - 7 days a week

Our expert is available to you every day - even on weekends or holidays. We are flexible and, above all, adjust to the desired inspection date at the shortest possible time.
Get instant expert evaluation

Carrying out an expert appraisal with the calculation of the amount of damage and the cost of repair within one day.
Immediate payment

Express payment option in case of assignment of claims for damages.
Free consultations in several languages

We will explain and answer your questions in English, German, Serbo-Croatian or Russian and provide initial expert opinions in any language.
Years of experience

The founder of the appraisal bureau has several years of expertise in the automotive industry and a large network of reliable partners. Due to his profound education as an automobile mechanic and 20 years of experience with the leading automobile manufacturer (BMW AG), state-certified mechanical engineering technician (development and construction) with education as an automotive expert (BDSH e.V.), relevant professional experience as an accident appraiser with a high level of technical and commercial knowledge (Master of Business Administration), he is able to advise you in the best possible way and to provide you with a neutral, objective, marketable and processable expert appraisal that is usable for the insurance companies and in court.
Extended knowledge and experience

We will prepare a vehicle accident report for damage caused by civil liability, hail damage or animal collision. On request, we can also provide a brief assessment (so-called Kurzgutachten) or an estimate (Kostenvoranschlag). We operate throughout Europe and are available to clients through our partners in Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic and Spain: regardless of whether an accident occurs with your car, van, caravan, truck, yacht or boat abroad.
Wide range of services

Our range of services extends far beyond the preparation of expert reports, because only by adapting to our clients' needs can we develop customized solutions, procedures and best practices for them. Our success is guaranteed by high quality standards for ourselves and our partners. All of our partners are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the field of automobile repair, maintenance and accident claims. Our commitment to quality is complemented by continuous quality control with direct feedback.

Excellent service from a single source:

Damage assessment, accident recording, accident reporting, communication with all parties involved in the process up to the coordination of the accident repair. In the case of a liability claim without partial fault on your part, we settle directly with the liable party. You do not have to pay the costs for the expert directly or advance them.

Do you know the most important issues and claims after a traffic accident?
Free choice of the appraiser

In the event of liability damage, you as the injured party are free to choose the automotive expert for your accident appraisal. The costs for the accident appraiser you hire are borne by the opposing insurance company. And that to the full extent.
Claims for additional cost reimbursement

You are eligible for a rental car. Do you not need a replacement vehicle? We can help reimburse you for the cost of losing the use of your car or motorcycle until it is usable again.
Reimbursement of depreciation

Following accident damage, you are entitled to be reimbursed for a reduction in the value of your vehicle under certain conditions. One of the most difficult points of a vehicle appraisal is to determine the depreciation.
Free choice of damage settlement

As the injured party, after a traffic accident you are free to choose whether the damage to the vehicle is to be repaired in a workshop of your choice or whether you would like to settle the claim fictitiously. If necessary, you can then take care of the repair yourself.
Free choice of workshop

Choose the workshop yourself! This also applies if the opposite insurance company provides you with a workshop that is not a partner of the manufacturer. The repair costs are borne by the opposite insurance company.
Lawyer assistance

Get professional consultations with a specialist in traffic law after an accident that occurred through no fault of your own. The lawyer will represent your interests before the insurance company and defend your rights. We will be pleased to recommend a lawyer to you.
The vehicle accident report prepared by our expert in Munich is the basis for making a claim against the insurance company. You should definitely appoint your own appraisal to protect yourself from underestimation of the damage caused by the accident, the only purpose of which is to reduce the amount of the claim payment from the insurance company. We are reliable partners who will represent your interests and conduct a legally safe damage assessment.

We know that in a situation where the hardest thing comes, everything must happen promptly. We guarantee you a prompt survey - often the day after your order. Our on-site inspection service comes directly to your home, your workplace or a workshop you trust.
We will be glad to see you!
Don't worry about the costs of traveling. In the event of an accident that is not your fault, the opposing insurance company will cover the expert's fees and travel expenses.
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